Five ways to use Vine


There's a new kid on the social media block, and it's called Vine. If you love Instagram but have a yearning for more moving images in your life, Vine could tick all the boxes. It's a social network for short videos, either created in one go or taken over time to create a short story. Each … [Read more...]

Getting organised: Daily Routine app

daily routine

Remember that delicious 2013 enthusiasm and optimism a lot of us had a couple of weeks ago? Glorious, wasn't it? The trouble is, life can get in the way of fulfilling all those resolutions and goals. Chances are the diet has hit a few road bumps, your aim to hit the gym three times a week has … [Read more...]

How to: Listen to Podcasts on the go

Podcasts App copy

We asked podcaster extraordinaire, Sam Sparrow, for her tips on listening to podcasts on the go. As a podcaster from The High Tea Cast, listening to podcasts (not my own obviously...that would be weird), is a large part of how I spend my day. Whether on the commute, whilst working, at the gym or … [Read more...]

Mobile Gaming: Tiny Troopers Review

Tiny Troopers 001

Finnish developers Kukouri have teamed up with Chillingo to give us Tiny Troopers, a game that seems unashamedly influenced by Sensible Software’s 1993 classic Cannon Fodder. Even the tagline “Give war a chance” seems like a blatant take on Cannon Fodder’s classic theme tune. Drawing inspiration … [Read more...]

Five 16bit classics you should be playing


Always dreamed of having a Super Nintendo or Sega Megadrive in your pocket? Well that fantasy is now a reality thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Here are my top five 16-bit classics that you should download to your smart phone immediately. Earthworm Jim Shiny Entertainment’s … [Read more...]

Five addictive games for your phone

Fed up with firing fowl? Download Fragger now.

For my money the best mobile games are the ones that you can dip in and out of when you have a few seconds to burn. So here are my top five quick-fix picks. Fragger (Miniclip) Any procrastinator worth their salt will have played a Miniclip game whether they know it or not. Miniclip … [Read more...]