Suck with money? You Need A Budget


I am terrible with money. Once the bills are paid and I’ve made some essential (not essential at all) purchases, it’s week two of the month and I’m counting down the days until I get paid again. This was all fine when I only had a small amount of rent to pay and could spend the rest on being … [Read more...]

Five ways to pimp your Evernote


Evernote is one of those Marmite products that people either love or hate (or rather, they love it or 'they don't really get it'). I was firmly in camp two until someone told me that you had to jump in with both feet and use it for everything. Ever since then, I've been using it to save web … [Read more...]

Getting organised: Daily Routine app

daily routine

Remember that delicious 2013 enthusiasm and optimism a lot of us had a couple of weeks ago? Glorious, wasn't it? The trouble is, life can get in the way of fulfilling all those resolutions and goals. Chances are the diet has hit a few road bumps, your aim to hit the gym three times a week has … [Read more...]

Five great social media apps for your Mac


Got an Apple Mac and want to find the best social media tools? Here are five of my favourites: Lifestream £0.69 If you're most concerned with looking at what others are saying, Lifestream is a great app. It's a multi-network tool, so you can login to all your accounts and see who's saying what … [Read more...]

The best children’s story iPad apps

Toy Story

With 2012 about to sit squarely on top of 2011 and flatten it to memory, we can be comfortable in the knowledge that children's book apps are now coming into their own. The industry that started out with a nice (if limited) Alice in Wonderland, has evolved into a beautiful medium, rich with … [Read more...]