Five reasons why I love The Simple Things

Every month, I count down the days until I can be reunited with the object of my affections. I wonder what I will find when I peel off the outside, and delve into the inner delights.

Reader, I’m in love with a magazine.

A couple of months ago, a friend told me about The Simple Things. It’s an indie magazine that focuses on ‘eating, growing, sharing, making, living and escaping’. Coming from the same people behind popular craft magazine, Mollie Makes, if ever that was a magazine that should be consumed with a side of tea and cake, it’s The Simple Things. It’s full of recipes, crafty things, stories from around the world and ideas for things to do that month.

Here are five reasons why I adore The Simple Things.

1) It’s a truly indulgent read. The photography is cosy and beautiful, the writing is just the right side of whimsical, and you learn things in that fun way you’re supposed to when you’re a grown up.

2) It’s split into Dawn, Day and Dusk sections. Each section gives you things to learn about, things to do and interviews with clever types.

3) It embraces the slow life movement. In a time when everything is expected to be done rightthisminute, it’s lovely to read a magazine that encourages you to take things slow and savour all the little things.

4) It’s not filled with a million photoshopped adverts. Hurrah for paying for a magazine that contains more than 60% content.

5) It’s positive and inspiring, two words I can’t really use when talking about certain other popular magazines for women. Rather than posts about how to be better in bed or slim down into this season’s disco pants, there are articles about building the perfect bird garden, and making pasta.

What’s your favourite indie magazine?

Emma Cossey

Emma is our resident fashion and social media specialist, having worked as a blogger, editor and writer on a number of fashion and beauty websites. She writes regularly for The Bag Lady, and has previously written for The Times Online, Shoewawa and Jorg & Olif among others.

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    I’m a fellow Simple Things devotee (along with Mollie Makes) but my other big treats are Artful Blogging (a quarterly visual feast from the US) and Pretty Nostalgic which focuses on the quirky and lovely in the UK. It is my biggest treat to steal away for a while to have a bath and read one cover to cover!

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