Paperwhite – rekindle your love of reading

Tablet vs Paperwhite comparison.

The Kindle Paperwhite: it’s great, buy it! Fine, fine, I’ll do an actual review – but the above is a pretty good summary of how the following few paragraphs are going to go. My previous experience of a Kindle was with the original, which worked well enough but had the downsides of being laggy … [Read more...]

Union Jack gadget gubbins

Vintage Union Jack Laptop Case

It's the Jubilee! What does that mean? It means it's time for us to do some themed content! Like every other UK website! Hurray! As we well know, the burning question on every dork's mind is "just how do I make my technology more patriotic?" Luckily, we have the answer: union flag … [Read more...]

Run for Cover: Literary ebook covers


Do you know what the biggest downside of an ebook reader is? When you're on the train, you can't use the book cover impress people with your choice of novel (whether you're reading this year's hottest bestseller, or a high brow thriller). How are we supposed to silently brag about our … [Read more...]

What the Dorks want for Christmas 2011

dork christmas 2011

Want to know what the Dorks want for Christmas this year? Katie Lee: Dork Editor Please may I have a Kobo and an E-One laser hair removal gadget? I had both of them in for review this year and they're the things that have left the biggest hole since they went back. Also, I bought my friend the … [Read more...]

Kobo eReader Touch review

Kobo Reader Touch

Still in need of a last-minute panic purchase present for your mother-in-law? Pop to WH Smiths and buy a lavender Kobo eReader Touch. That's my tip, anyway. If you want a review that gets into the ins and outs of which is better – Kindle or Kobo – you've probably come to the wrong place. … [Read more...]