Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth headphones

Jabra Clipper

Bluetooth headphones and earphones have come a long way since ye olden days of giant receivers and choppy audio. The Jabra Clipper is part of that new generation of wireless headsets that will give you decent connectivity and good sound quality. The headset isn't fully wireless; cables connect … [Read more...]

Tanto headphones from Urbanears: Dork Review

Urbanears Tanto Sallad

Alex Iszatt reviews the retro-styled Tanto Headphones My new Tanto headphones from Urbanears have arrived. They're an olive green, or 'Sallad', which will go with the brown and beige outfit I bought from Zara yesterday. As soon as I open the box I'm immediately taken back to my youth. The 80s … [Read more...]

Nice cans! 4 of the best headphones


Regular readers of Dork Adore will be aware of our aversion to cheap and cheerful headphones. In fact, Katie wrote about it in 'Stop wearing those cheap headphones!' We've already reviewed several headphones and earphones in the last twelve months, including products from Roxy and Audio Chi. But … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Roxy Earphones


Did you read Katie's recent piece on the tragedy of cheap headphones and find yourself nodding along in agreement? Me too. I particularly hate it on public transport when you've got N Dubz blaring into your right ear for three stops from your music-taste-impaired neighbour. Despite this, I've … [Read more...]