Red Dwarf X: The Beginning – Dork Review

The series finale of Red Dwarf X is here, a tenth run that has swept through some great scenes, trudgy plots, awkward jokes, fine character humour and weird budget constraints. The last couple of weeks have, in my opinion, been the weakest though – can they pull it back for the ending? And what … [Read more...]

Red Dwarf X: Dear Dave – Dork Review

Only two episodes to go in this ridiculous tenth series of Red Dwarf, and this time Dave Lister grapples with his love life (or total lack of same), whilst Rimmer fights demotion to the same awful rank as Lister. So, do either of them get what they want? And is this an improvement on last week's … [Read more...]

Red Dwarf X: Entangled – Dork Review

Four weeks in to Red Dwarf X, and this has been better than I expected. Not perfect, and the third one was probably the weakest, but still a more effective marriage of classic sitcom style with science-fiction than they've managed in a few series. And this week, two characters get … [Read more...]

Red Dwarf X: Lemons – Dork Review

Halfway through this all-new all-modern Red Dwarf series, we get the first location shoot. So far, it's been all budget-saving onboard action, which has boosted the old-school early years feel of the comedy. So, now that they've dared to leave Red Dwarf, has the spell been broken? Find out … [Read more...]

Red Dwarf X: Trojan – Dork Review

Red Dwarf X: Trojan

After years on the shelf, Red Dwarf returns on Dave. They had the commercially successful (if critically panned) three-part Back To Earth special in 2009, and now they’ve spun that good will into a whole new six-episode series. Is the latest run of space-slobbing up to classic standards? Or will … [Read more...]