Panning for Internet Gold: The Muppets’ crossing edition

You know, you work too hard. It’s been a tough week. Know what you deserve? That naughty thing that you like from the vending machine and an extra 20 minutes over your extra-skinny Latte while you find out what’s entertaining online this week.Vampire Bar Kitten

Xavier, you Muppet

You know Michael Fassbender as that guy getting all the work in Hollywood. Meet Michael Fassbender, singer of songs:

Once you pop, oh god stop


Best new Tumblr: Celebrity Googly (pictured). Tyrion Lannister with Googly Eyes

You can’t handle the bearlove

  • Now THIS is how you handle a lawsuit threat from a company that’s stealing your content. He raised the target in 64 minutes and has now raised more than 8 times it.
  • What do you get when you cross a badger and a theramin? Something that’s more than a little disturbing.
  • Hey, fanboy – 1986 called. It’s got that Apple sweatshirt you ordered.

What happens when Portal guns meet reality? This:

POrtal: Terminal Velocity from Jason Craft on Vimeo.

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