Organisation Dorkage: Getting stuff done with WunderKit & WorkFlowy

Feeling a little scatterbrained lately, my friends? Well, never fear, fellow disorganised dorks, because I’m here to help you achieve a little “To-Do” list zen with some nifty tools for getting stuff done. Read on!


Chances are you’ve heard of the incredibly popular task manager, Wunderlist. It’s a simple but effective personal task manager, which makes syncing your “To-Do” list across various devices a seamless experience, with desktop apps for Mac & Windows, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Well, as awesome as Wunderlist is, the folks over at Berlin-based startup 6WunderKinder have decided to bring even more awesomeness to our lives in the form of Wunderkit.

Wunderkit incorporates the ideas of Wunderlist and brings them into a much more interactive and collaborative workspace. Wunderkit is a social platform, a team task manager and a personal organiser, all in one.

The site has a beautiful, easy-to-use interface which is based around creating various “workspaces”. Within each workspace, you can create tasks, track team progress on projects, post status updates, collaborate on notes, and add more people to your workspace using Twitter and Facebook integration.

Wunderkit is currently in private beta, but sign-up on the website or ask a friend for an invite, and you should have access in no time!

If you want to know more about WunderKit, take a look at the beta walk through video below.


WorkFlowy (tagline: “Organise your brain”)is another fantastic way to organise your everyday life. One might say it’s a lot simpler than Wunderkit, but it’s no less powerful.

WorkFlowy is a list-maker. It’s also a wonderful planning tool, helping you to create detail-oriented notes, brainstorm ideas and manage your tasks.

Currently, it’s an in-browser tool only, with no desktop or mobile apps launched (though if you’re on a Mac, you can use Fluid apps to create one for you).

It is available on mobile browsers though, which makes it easy to access your WorkFlowy task list on-the-go.

There is a collaborative element to Workflowy as well, allowing you let others view or edit any WorkFlowy task with a unique URL for every task.

Check out WorkFlowy’s blog to see a bunch of cool tips, tricks and features about how to use WorkFlowy.

What are your favourite tools for task management and productivity lately? Anything we should know about?


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    Loving Wunderkit so far, and I’m excited to see they’ll be adding a mobile and desktop version soon too. It seems like a natural progression for Wunderlist, even if it’s a bit more busy (and slightly misses the benefit of Wunderlist and its simplicity)

  2. says

    Been using Workflowy for around a month now as my go-to task app. It misses a couple of really needed things, like reminders, but other than that, I like it. I still use wunderlist on my android phone to input tasks I need to transfer to workflowy while I’m away from the desk. I’ve tried them all – RTM, Todoist (one of my faves), Workflowy, Producteev, Wunderlist, Ta-Da and others – Workflowy is great for their ease of use.

    You got a look at Clear yet? Check out @useclear:twitter – that one looks sweet, too.

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    Wunderkit is my favorite task manager. One large task can be effectively broken down to smaller task and this seems easy no matter how complicated the parent task is! Also the developers of WunderKit have taken care of cross device syncing and this is plays a significant role in cross platform deployment of the software.


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