Doctor Who: Series Six – Dork Preview

Doctor Who - Series Six PreviewThe return of Doctor Who on Saturday is being anticipated with a pleasingly messianic fervour. Even in America, where they think we’re silly and quaint, the Doctor’s oh-so-British antics have been embraced. So much so that the they’re airing the episode on the same date as the UK (I’m not bitter) and the first two episodes of the series take place there.

As well as international location shooting, we have huge dangling plot resolutions from last year to look forward to, and an episode by fan-worshipped writer Neil Gaiman.  Forward, nerds!

The Glorious Two Year Plan?

At the end of last series, when The Big Bang faded away, we were left with more questions than answers. Who is River Song? Why was that voice saying “silence will fall”? Did that gibberish about the crack eating Amy’s life actually explain all her contradictions?

Based on the publicity for the new run, all of that should be covered in the next thirteen episodes. So will this be the big climax to The Steven Moffat Years? There were rumours rolling around that Moffat (and perhaps Matt Smith too) were only on board for one huge two year arc.

And I’ll be sad if that is the case, but in the meantime, bring on the big revelations. Hopefully there will be some incomprehensible plot twists. Of course, they’re splitting the series into two chunks of seven and six episodes, and the cliffhanger between the two… I dread to think what we’re facing.

River And Pond Life

In terms of what’s actually going to happen, we had an tease that River Song is going to kill “a good man”. The obvious candidates are the Doctor and Poor Rory, but it’s only been a couple of episodes since Mr Pond was last dead. Surely they can’t knock him off again? I was just starting to like him.

And regarding River Song’s secret identity, the Gaiman-written episode is called The Doctor’s Wife, but based on pre-release material, it doesn’t look like River Song is appearing in that one, so I suspect it’s a red herring. And it was around then that I stopped reading publicity for the new series, as the sense of spoiler was getting a bit much.

Still, I’m pretty thrilled about it. After gently establishing the new Doctor last year to stop Tennant fans running for the lifeboats, it sounds like they’re really going to make the big guy suffer this time, and I can’t wait.  If you have your own theories about what’s going to happen, or just want to share excitement with some exclamation marks, that’s what the comments below are for.

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