Geeks! What are you watching at the moment?

Katie Lee pink crochetDoctor Who is over and there’s now a massive hole in my usually jam-packed Sky+ series link line up. I’m still catching up on 30 Rock, but once that special joy is over, there will be nowhere for me to get my geek on.

So what are you watching?

Misfits is on the way, Sherlock should be good (thanks to presence of Moffat and Gatiss fingerprints), series 4 of the Sarah Jane Adventures is due in Autumn, but there doesn’t appear to be much else to get excited about.

Am I missing out on some geek show? FX seems to be endless Farscape and Babylon 5 re-runs while SyFy is wearing out its Buffy tapes.

If you know where all the geeks are gathering do let me know. Otherwise I might have to actually go out into the balmy evening air and engage other humans in conversation, and that would never do.

Katie Lee

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  1. heather_jenkinson says

    I unplugged and gave away my TV earlier this year in the hope of getting more work done. It's not working as well as I thought it might, since someone told me about iPlayer… So, any kind of documentary – mostly BBC 4.

    I LOVED Dr Who! This series was my first and I am still fostering a serious and pretty damn hardcore pash on Matt Smith. As Dr Who, you understand…

      • heather_jenkinson says

        Thank you Nick, however, when you take into account that the point was to avoid wasting time, throwing me another diversion is not, particularly, helpful. I like your blog, 'though. Yet another 'diversion project, but hey, concentration and deadlines are overrated.

  2. Rich says

    We started watching the second series of Fringe recently, after hearing that it had gotten better. First series didn’t grab me but the second one really is very good. Also started watching Party Down on the same day that it was cancelled, which is probably the funniest american sitcom since Arrested Development. Geek pickings are slim, though. We’ve been padding out the summer with Australian masterchef (er, and outside and barbeques and stuff…)

  3. says

    I'm completely obsessed with The American Office (watching it on DVD though, I'm afraid). Can't get enough of Jim and Pam – really is my favourite TV relationship ever. So good.

    More dorkily, though, I'm excited about the return of Misfits and I've been reliving Buffy on FX – although mega-frustratingly my stupid box didn't record the final episode. Gah!

    I haven't been watching it but apparently Vampire Diaries is good, in a kind of Twilight-ish way. But yeah, seems a bit dry in TV-land. I suppose we really ought to be out picnicking and such though, eh?

  4. says

    Oh, Katie, are you not aware that CSI:Miami starts a new series next week (13 July, 9pm, Five)?! Last we saw, Calleigh shot Delko in highly dramatic circumstances…Cue the USA-style cliffhanger. Will he live? Will they find true happiness together? Will Horatio Caine finally do something other than take his sunglasses off and put them on again? CAN MIAMI GET ANY MORE ORANGE???

    • says

      Ha! I used to watch so much CSI back-to-back that I over-indulged and started to feel a bit bilious. And Miami always just made my eyes hurt a bit too much.


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