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Misfits: Christmas SpecialThe festive Misfits is here, providing me with a long-awaited excuse to put something other than a dull episode number in the review title. It also contains a much more exciting end to the current series. So perhaps this was planned all along and all that whining in my last review was a bit much?

I feel a little guilty. Still, back on topic, a mid-series timely episode is unusual for British TV, so let’s see if Misifts can pull it off, or whether all that festive joy will taint their obscenity and twists. And just as a warning: spoilers may happen.

When A Child Is Born

I’m pleased to report that this episode reached the high Misfits standards of horrific bad taste without much difficulty. In particular, the festive birth scene featured some horrendous moments of biological detail. You’ll know the worst one when you see it.

And that whole storyline, actually, worked beautifully. We see so much of Nathan being a tosser, seemingly to get attention, that it’s quite sweet to see he’s like that even when being sincere. It also introduces a new character (or two) and leaves the Irish idiot in an interesting position for next year.

In fact, considering this is a Christmas Special, it’s amazing how big a change the cliffhanger of this episode could be. They’ve successfully gotten me frothing at the mouth to see where it goes.

Lonely This Christmas

A character also died, namely Nikki The Love Interest, but when sitting down to write this review, I didn’t feel compelled to say much about that. I didn’t mind the character, but nor do I think I’ll miss her much. My main reaction was that Curtis didn’t seem angry enough at Nathan, considering Nikki’s death was largely down to Nathan being obnoxious to a man with a gun.

And while we’re nit-picking, wasn’t the moment when Alisha told Simon about his future self erased from history with the rest of last episode? I guess she must have re-told him at some point. Since I quite like Simon’s storyline, I’m not going to worry too much.

In short, basically I love Misfits so much, I’m willing to let it off slight lapses in story-logic. Because this episode was fun, filthy and festive, surprisingly. It’s done more to instil the Christmas spirit in me than anything else so far. Watch it on 4 On Demand, and leave your festive message below.

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    I loved this ep – especially the horrendous birth scene.

    You're right that there were some slightly iffy bits of logic, but I'm going to ignore those too. You never know, it might all add up to a plotline at some point and then we'll think they were very clever after all.


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