High End Bling For iPhones and iPads from Camaél Diamonds

Solid Gold iPhone from Camaél Diamonds

This is for the geek who has – pretty much literally – everything. Need the perfect gift for somebody you love and have the cash to spend? These are probably the ultimate high-end geek gifts.

Forget lasering a name onto the back of the iPhone — what about encrusting the handset with diamonds?

Camaél Diamonds are launching a line of handmade geek essentials including iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys and iPods. Each one is made to order by experts and provide private consultations as part of the personalisation service.

If you can manage the mind-boggling prices, you can choose from items such as a diamond edition Blackberry Bold 9700 (£18,000), a solid gold iPod (£14,999) or even a solid gold iPad (£89,999).

Gold editions come in either white, rose, or yellow solid gold and the diamonds are highest clarity VVS to flawless stones, all of which the company guarantees are ethically sourced.

Now, while I can’t afford these by any stretch of my imagination (let alone my bank account), I’m not sure I’m keen on the idea of carting around such an expensive trophy myself: I’d want to hire somebody just to look out for it, knowing my tendency to drop my iPhone at the worst possible moment.

Mind you, if you can afford a gold iPad, you can probably afford to hire a full-time carer for it.

They definitely look a lot better than the cheap alternative: covering your iPhone in cheap plastic fake diamonds or cubic zirconia. Personally, I prefer my gadgets as they are (I’m a gadget puritan, yes), but if it’s your taste, then these definitely are the ultimate in high tech bling.


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