I love my KeepCup

Australian company KeepCup has created an eco-friendly alternative to the take-away coffee cup.

KeepCup travel coffee cups. This commuter mug has a warranty for one year and comes in four standard take-away sizes. They are also a lot of fun to make. You begin by going to the KeepCup website, where you design and customise your dream cup.  Alternatively you can just order a ready made one from Amazon.

I own three of them myself. A large, a medium and a small.

I have never had a problem in any coffee shops, the manufacturers seem to have got the measurements just right. I have had a few amused baristas comment on my “special cup”, however.

I mainly use it when commuting or going on a journey. They all fit nicely into my car cup holder. Cleaning is easy as they’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe. They also come apart easily for cleaning.

Sippy cup for grown ups

One thing I did find was that the design left me feeling a little bit like I was drinking from a child’s plastic cup. This may be because one of the founders of the company, Abigail Forsyth first thought of the idea when giving her daughter warm milk in a sippy cup.

The KeepCup can be bought from www.keepcup.com, Heal’s or Amazon starting at around Eight Pounds.

The “Fast Facts” section of the website tells us: “The break even with disposable cups is 15 uses over the KeepCup life cycle including cleaning.”

There is also a section that will work out our individual impact on the environment through take-away coffee cup usage and how much we could save by owning a KeepCup.

Personally I find my KeepCups useful, fun, and eco-friendly; plus they keep my coffee warmer for longer than a standard take-away cup would.

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  1. Tamsin says

    I LOVE my keepcup – commuting to London from outer Kent everyday was costing me a fortune in caffeinated beverages to keep me awake so it’s godsend. Also, it’s pink and purple. Always a plus!

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