The low down on baby food processors


With more parents making the decision to make their own baby food, it's no wonder that companies are cashing in. Making your own baby food can have a multitude of health benefits, as well as being cheaper than tinned and jarred options. But do you really know where to start? Once you've got … [Read more...]

Crochet Mario and Luigi baby rattles

Crochet Nintedo Rattles

These excellent baby rattles have been crocheted with love by Mama24boyz (or "Melanie Blake" if you prefer a real name), a prolific pattern creator. She's made all kinds of geek fare, including crochet Spongebob and Power Puff Girl patterns. The Mario and Luigi crochet baby rattle pattern gets … [Read more...]

Tomy Digital Plus Baby Monitor — Review

Tomy Baby Monitor

As I write this, my infant is upstairs screaming her head off while her dad sings a made-up nursery rhyme to the tune of Epona's song from Zelda. And thanks to the Tomy Digital Plus Baby Monitor I can hear it all perfectly. Tomy spent a long time researching and developing this baby monitor. … [Read more...]

How to make reusable microfibre baby wipes


Call me a total nerdlinger, but I can't resist a microfibre cloth (aka e-cloths). And being something of an eco-bore, I'm trying to assuage my guilt about procreating (possibly the single worst thing we can all do for the environment) by reducing the little one's huge carbon footprint. You can … [Read more...]

Review: LeapFrog Advanced Digital Baby Monitor


There's nothing quite like having constant access to every grunt, squeak and snore your baby makes, and this LeapFrog Advanced Digital Baby Monitor (£58.79) is specifically designed for that very purpose. It also keeps track of the room temperature in the nursery, plays digital lullabies and … [Read more...]