Free Octonauts Crochet Patterns!

Octonauts Patterns

My mission for this Dork Craft post was to Explore, Rescue and, err, Protect the very best free knitting and crochet patterns for the Octonauts characters. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any knitting patterns. Lots of clever people have made some lovely designs, but only a few people have uploaded … [Read more...]

Mr Benn wall decal sticker things

Mr-Benn_Wall Sticker Decals

Because we live in a civilised society, it is now possible to acquire wall stickers of Mr Benn dressed up in all his fancy dress costumes. The fact that these Mr Benn Wall Stickers from Binary Box are removable wall decals shows just how far we have evolved beyond the apes. If apes had made these, … [Read more...]

Knit your own Clanger!

Free Clanger Knitting Pattern

I was tempted to write all of this piece in Clangerish, but somehow I suspect writing "wooo, wo woo, woowo wo" repeatedly might lead me to out-stay my welcome on the internet (and let's face it, I'm only here under duress for many people as it is). The fact that a free and totally authentic … [Read more...]

iMote Kid Friendly Remote Control


Young kids and cable TV is a combination asking for trouble. Sure, it's got a ton of kids channels to keep them occupied, but leaving a child in the possession of the TV controller may lead to them flicking from CBeebies to the far less educational Babestation (or educational in a whole new … [Read more...]

The top 7 creepiest kids’ TV shows


It's the end of the year, which can mean only one thing, time to make lists of things that were once on TV! I for one love a good list, and I also love children's TV. Especially scary children's TV. This list of creepy shows is by no means exhaustive, but it's my personal Top 7. Share yours in … [Read more...]