Knit your own Clanger!

Free Clanger Knitting PatternI was tempted to write all of this piece in Clangerish, but somehow I suspect writing “wooo, wo woo, woowo wo” repeatedly might lead me to out-stay my welcome on the internet (and let’s face it, I’m only here under duress for many people as it is).

The fact that a free and totally authentic knitting pattern for Oliver Postgate‘s and Peter Firmin‘s Clangers is available online is enough to make me want to hug the internet until it starts threatening me with a restraining order.

The pattern is actually the original one that was sent out to anyone who wrote to the BBC requesting it. Now you too can have a small pink friend who swears a lot.

Download the free Clangers Knitting Pattern

UPDATE! You can also buy the official pattern book with foreword by Peter Firmin.

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  1. jane says

    can you tell me how do I sew the clanger up as i have knitted the clanger which I got the patten of net but there was know instructions to sew it up


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