Free Halloween Amigurumi Patterns

An amigurumi zombie rabbit, pattern by Shawna at Crochetbot3000

Halloween is just around the corner, so there's really no better time than now to get your creepy crafts on. If you're a fan of amigurumi with a spooky twist, then you're in luck, because I've rounded up some cool patterns, just in time for the most frightening day of the year... … [Read more...]

Free Aardman knit and crochet patterns

Shaun the Sheep Crochet

Because I love you, I've rounded up some of the best free Aardman-inspired crochet and knitting patterns around. I've scouted around for some lovely Shauns, some creepy Feathers McGraws, Gromit in all his glory and probably the cutest Timmy Time pattern you're ever likely to see. Shaun the Sheep … [Read more...]

Moomin Craft – The best Moomin patterns


The real Moomins are probably busy hibernating right now - or filling their tummies with pine needles in preparation for their long sleep. So here are some nice Moomin knitting and crochet patterns that will help you to get over your sadness. I've been hunting them down all round the web, including … [Read more...]

Yoshi Amigurumi and the best free Yoshi Patterns

Yoshi Amigurumi Pattern

If there was ever a cute Nintendo character made to be amigurumied, it's Yoshi. He's adorable, he comes in all different colours, he's made up of lots of round shapes. In short, he's a perfect candidate for a crochet doll version. Nintendo's Yoshi Crochet Pattern round up It's no surprise to … [Read more...]