Moomin Craft – The best Moomin patterns


The real Moomins are probably busy hibernating right now - or filling their tummies with pine needles in preparation for their long sleep. So here are some nice Moomin knitting and crochet patterns that will help you to get over your sadness. I've been hunting them down all round the web, including … [Read more...]

The best geeky sock patterns

Tardis socks free pattern

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is out there for crafty geeks online! There are endless projects out there on the web to browse through, but here is my round up on the best geeky sock patterns. Michelle has already covered the free TARDIS socks knitting pattern for us (and there's … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Mittens: Free knitting pattern

Doctor Who Mittens

If you're unfortunate enough to be a journalist, there's a good chance you're suffering the onslaught of summertime Christmas press releases. And like most journalists you'll be moaning about it on Twitter while your friends with proper jobs silently despise you. But there's one time when … [Read more...]