Mobile Gaming: Tiny Troopers Review

Tiny Troopers 001

Finnish developers Kukouri have teamed up with Chillingo to give us Tiny Troopers, a game that seems unashamedly influenced by Sensible Software’s 1993 classic Cannon Fodder. Even the tagline “Give war a chance” seems like a blatant take on Cannon Fodder’s classic theme tune. Drawing inspiration … [Read more...]

Get stitchy with your iPhone case


When I first went over to the dark side and took ownership of an iPhone, I began a desperate hunt to track down one of the cross-stitch cases I'd seen bandied around by all my craftin' pals over the pond. (Image credit: The Zen of Making) Back in those heady days it wasn't that easy to find them … [Read more...]

The best retro gadgets you can still buy

Casio Classic Watch

Ever hanker for the days when mobile phone batteries lasted all week and calls were never randomly dropped because your phone suddenly suffered a nervous collapse? Miss the days when your watch slightly patronised you by telling you the time in numbers and beeped every hour that went by? Well, … [Read more...]

How to broadcast yourself on the web


Not content with making us more efficient at work and giving us the best tools for getting things done at home Darika Ahrens,  high chieftain of social media, has gathered together all the best tools for broadcasting yourself all over the web. We’ve come a long way since lonelygirl15 took to her … [Read more...]

Frackulous: New site for app-addicts


Frackulous is new, and it's going to rock the app world to its very foundations. You heard it here first. Except I would say that, as it's my own personal baby. We'll be releasing an episode each week day (I have just found out how viagra usa many of those there are in a week - panic!) and each … [Read more...]

Apple or Android? The iPhone vs HTC Legend


If you’re a lover of air conditioning and cool air, get yourself down to Hell right now. It has temporarily frozen over whilst I temporarily dump my iPhone for an HTC Legend. When announced, I wrote that the Legend might just have the potential to make the swap from iPhone to Android, but it was … [Read more...]

Vodafone Sure Signal. Dork Review


This week, guest blogger Wez Knowles tries out Vodafone's latest gadget. I live in a village smack-bang in between two major cities (Sheffield & Nottingham) which also happens to be the place mobile signals go to die. Every time I want to make a call or send a text message I have to stand … [Read more...]