Dork review: Pzizz for iPhone roadtest – day 2

A little experiment tonight: train-based napping.

It was a hugely busy day in the office, I had to work late and I was due to spend the evening with a friend. And my lunchtime attempt to nap in the loos ended abruptly when I gave a male cleaner with a master key the fright of his life by perching on the loo, earphones in, getting my Om on.

So the commuter train home it was.

I was actually quite chirpy when I woke up this morning – before coffee. Was this down to yesterday’s Pzizz nap? I don’t know. But I will say this: I was still unwell from my Weekend at Migraine’s, so by rights I should have been sluggish and grumpy. Instead I was full of the joys. To the chagrin of my boyfriend and colleagues.

I wasn’t expecting results, not with an elbowy woman flapping her broadsheet in my face. And, despite my state-of-the-art in-ear earbuds, the noisy chugging of the engine undercut the spacey music and commentary.

But the noise and the packed nature of the train did provide a womb-like feeling. When the nice man with the gentle voice told me to tense then relax all my muscles, I did actually feel my muscles (well, the ones that weren’t involved in clutching my bag on my lap) relax almost involuntarily.

The chugging engine noise actually melded well with the throbbing, spaceship-engine noises of the soundtrack and I enjoyed a nice daydream where I was in the hub of a Cylon base ship (I know, I know). I listened quite happily to the man burbling on about relaxation being a habit I can develop, and that being relaxed myself will lead to me being more relaxed around others.

Well, I only felt marginally more relaxed. But I don’t think the software was developed to use on busy trains. That said, I would have spent the journey home with my earbuds in and my eyes closed anyway, and it was probably more beneficial to have channelled positive messages rather than entertaining young men with angular fringes screaming into my brain about how my sex is on fire.

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